Nutrition is one of the most important factors that affects our health, and can even affect our thoughts and emotions. Nutrient-dense foods increase our energy, give us vitality and help us feel much better.


Most of the foods we eat today are high in calories and low in nutrition, such as foods made with refined flour, sugary drinks, sweets, etc. Cooked foods in particular lose their nutrition because when foods are heated above 41°C, the structure of enzymes and proteins deteriorates and the foods lose nutrients.


Make a new start with Saf’s fresh, whole, unprocessed cuisine! The LifeCo presents;

  • Saf Box as a professionally prepared nutrition program for healthy eating, detox and weightloss for use at home or work (Available in Istanbul) 

Without skipping meals, you will be provided all nutrients needed throughout the day; the Saf Box Menu includes vegetables, fruits, wraps, soups, salads, sprouts, fruit or vegetable juices, snacks and supplements.


The Saf Box is a reliable way for getting in shape and living healthier, it is professionally designed to include ingredients that are low calorie with high nutrient content, you will therefore feel healthy and energetic.


You won’t find three white ingredients - refined flour, sugar and salt - in Saf Kitchen, which are completely raw and vegan, and prepared under 41°C in our special dehydrators to retain nutrients.


Agave syrup is used instead of sugar; Coconut oil is used instead of refined vegetable oil; Himalayan crystal salt is used instead of table salt; Ingredients such as flaxseed are used in place of refined flour.


You can visit our online shop for Saf Box,


  • Saf Restaurant at The LifeCo Antalya.

We prepare delicious, healthy, low-calorie, plant-based dishes and meals. Saf Restaurant’s menu is about 60% uncooked. We’ve prepared our raw food recipes together with our dietitian to bring you healthy dishes that will delight you.In addition, we have prepared alternative healthy menus that will indulge your eyes and taste buds.


  • Saf Express as a health-conscious ready-to-eat food line both in Istanbul and in London.

For detailed information, please visit:



In Saf’s kitchen, we use only natural ingredients in our dishes, and cook them below 41°C to protect their flavor, aroma and nutritional value. By not overheating the ingredients, they retain their energy-giving enzymes and the vitamins and minerals are not damaged. This also helps our cells to become repaired and renewed.


There are three white ingredients you won’t see in our kitchen! Saf Restaurant’s dishes do not contain any white flour or refined sugar and salt, nor margarine or butter. Instead, we use healthy alternatives which are equally delicious, such as agave syrup instead of sugar, coconut oil, Himalayan crystal salt instead of refined salt and flax seed in place of flour.


Uncooked vegan foods help out body detox while bringing us close to nature.


After trying our healthy and delicious cuisine, whenever you think of tasty additives that are good for you, Saf will come to mind.

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